Arcachon Zoo

Arcachon Zoo is the creation of Bernard Couturier, who actually realized his childhood dream of living amonst wild animals. Starting from scratch, Bernard built the zoo himself to the 14 hectares that it occupies today. There are 50 wild animals and a bear pit. Children can bottle-feed lambs from April to September between 15:00 and 17:00 at Arcachon Zoo. There is 1 male 25 year old elephant (born in 1985) that arrived at Arcachon Zoo in the year 2000.

Arcachon Zoo is open from 5 April to 16 September from 10:00 to 19:00 and the admission cost is 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children from 2 to 11 years. Food for the animals is sold at the entrance and sandwiches for visitors are available. Arcachon Zoo has access for young children, disabled people and a brochure is available, but dogs are not allowed. The rail station at La Teste is 10 km north of Arcachon Zoo.

The bear pit is the largest in Europe and Arcachon Zoo boasts tigers, lions, panthers, jaguars, lynx, pumas, ostriches, hippos, apes, bears, birds, giraffes and raccoons. An overhead walkway allows visitors to walk above the lion enclosure and you can also view the rare white lions. Feeding time for the animals at Arcachon Zoo is 16:00.

Arcachon Zoo also has inflatable castles, pony rides and picnic areas and the tour of the animal enclosures is 4 km long.